Expertise Bodem en Ondergrond (ENBO) / DIMI on Tour: Integrated design in… Urban infrastructures: Subsurface
DIMI on Tour: Integrated design in… Urban infrastructures: Subsurface
Cities are reconstructed landscapes of which the most vital part, the engine room, is situated under the surface. 

Here in the subsurface, with its man-made and natural components, an important, if not crucial part of dealing with urban climate and global energy transition is situated. The subsurface is associated, on the one hand, with a variety of challenges such as subsidence, pollution, damage to infrastructure and shortages of space for new urban systems. On the other hand, the subsurface presents opportunities in terms of solutions to flooding, reduction in heat stress, and therefore, it is necessary to place subsurface issues in their appropriate perspective to enable a more resilient design that brings together ecosystem services, urban systems and societal challenges.

In this “DIMI on Tour” the integrated design of urban infrastructures is put central and placed within an international context and discussed from planning and design perspective within practice.

Date:                    Tuesday 24 April, 14.30 -18.00 hrs

Location:             Orange Room, Library TU Delft

Participation is free, registration is required!

Chairman:           Fransje Hooimeijer (Project leader Subsurface Infrastructure)


  • Dr. Diarmad Campbell (British Geological Survey, Chair of COST Action SUB-URBAN) - Opening up the subsurface for the cities of tomorrow.
  • Drs. Ignace van Campenhout (Municipality Rotterdam) - Considering the subsurface in urban planning - state of the art.
  • Ir. Linda Maring (Deltares) - Role of soil and subsurface for decentral authorities / Environmental planning strategies and a bottom up strategic research agenda
  • Ir. Franz Ziegler (Ziegler | Branderhorst urban design and architecture) - Designing the battle in the subsurface