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Save the date: Webinar on Invasive species and Japanese knotweed management

Join us for a comprehensive webinar on Japanese knotweed – an invasive species that poses significant challenges across Europe. This event, scheduled for 5 June from 10 to 12h30, will feature presentations from leading experts in the field of knotweed detection, management, and valorization.

Combating this plant is always a long-term task, therefore exchanging knowledge, experience and best-practices between stakeholders is a step forward to tackle this challenge at European level.

Our speakers from France, Wallonia, Netherlands, and the UK will share their insights and experiences in tackling this persistent plant. Learn about innovative detection methods, effective management strategies, and exciting opportunities for valorizing knotweed rhizomes. Whether you’re a soil expert or simply interested in environmental management, this webinar promises valuable knowledge and practical solutions.

Stick around for a lively discussion on the gaps in knotweed management, where we’ll explore challenges, share ideas, and foster collaboration. Don’t miss this opportunity to join forces with fellow experts from across Europe to address one of the most pressing issues in soil management. Save the date and be part of the solution!

So please SAVE THE DATE and you will be informed about the final program shortly.

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